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Circa 1974, Kathryn lovingly trained her new Cabernet vines

2014 crush station after day's work

Our newest product from 2012 is aged in all new Fr Oak barrels: Serious Merlot

Nothing kicks off an event like some Sparkling Wine

Bronze engraving at the FDR memorial Washington DC

Somms pouring Estate Cabernet 8 vintage vertical in Las Vegas 2014

a commitment to excellence - Abraham Garcia

Even our work truck rolls in with the spirit of Kathryn's style

Winegrower/President and chief bottlewasher

Cabernet Sauvignon cluster

Dedicated harvest crew at first light; 2013 Estate Vineyard

End of vintage! Wash parts in the press pan.

wine reps waiting for a late night ride Las Vegas NV

Sparkling wine made in tribute to Kathryn and named after her birth year 1927

Sustainably forested red cedar end-posts in our Hill Block.


  May 04 2016 Do you know where in Wash DC this bronze engraving is located? Tractor driver from the 1930s. Even better can... https://t.co/fywQjGWsxo  ...   Apr 29 2016 Best name for a food truck ever...Wash DC https://t.co/cErDYIxjx4  ...   Apr 29 2016 RT @trmatthews: Wine lovers eager for @WineSpectator Grand Tour in DC. https://t.co/EQWyEcmnBH  ...   Apr 28 2016 @A_Ayscough @winegrower2013 that I can believe. For sure with Gamay what little bit of rich tannins (if any) can be striped away by filter  ...   Apr 27 2016 @A_Ayscough I disagree. I've tasted many So2 ruined Sancerre, Loire Chenin and Austrian white...A filtered wine never gave me a headache.  ... 

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