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Circa 1974, Kathryn lovingly trained her new Cabernet vines

Our newest product from 2012 is aged in all new Fr Oak barrels: Serious Merlot

2014 crush station after day's work

Nothing kicks off an event like some Sparkling Wine

Winegrower/President and chief bottlewasher

Netted grapes await slow hangtime...photo by Taran Egner

Somms pouring Estate Cabernet 8 vintage vertical in Las Vegas 2014

a commitment to excellence - Abraham Garcia

Even our work truck rolls in with the spirit of Kathryn's style

Bronze engraving at the FDR memorial Washington DC

Cabernet Sauvignon cluster

Dedicated harvest crew at first light; 2013 Estate Vineyard

End of vintage! Wash parts in the press pan.

Sparkling wine made in tribute to Kathryn and named after her birth year 1927

40 year collection of wine books

Sustainably forested red cedar end-posts in our Hill Block.


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